Our in-country volunteer program

Since our projects are operated in urban and villages we send volunteers to work with students on areas like tree planting, fish and vegetable farming. We also give opportunity to volunteers to initiate small innovative projects such as organic farming, fruit solar drying and fish farming to the needy community people to improve their lives.

Hours of work per day / week

Volunteers will work 8hours per day

Organization facilities available

  • Computers, printers
  • Transport


We provide accommodation for volunteers. At least 2 volunteers will be accommodated in one fully furnished apartment. If they are more than 2 they will share the kitchen but will get their own rooms.


Breakfast- milked tea with bread or pancake, eggs and fruits.

Lunch- cooked rice with meat or chicken, mixed juice. Sometimes cooked banana is provided.

Dinner- cooked rice or roasted Irish potatoes. This will be served with meat or fish and mixed juice.

Program cost

  • Meals & accommodation- US$ 120 per week.
  • Airport pick up-US$ 50

Volunteers are welcome to give back anything they like.

If you have any question contact us for more details by using our contact form or email us at info@acrotz.org