Our projects are located in urban and villages area where ACRO staff participating in tree planting and vegetable farming with school children. We do have projects focusing on empowering widows at the community level where workshops are being conducted to facilitate their projects. ACRO has developed organic and fish farming projects aiming at livelihood improvement.

1.Tree planting in schools

 This project aims at improving the environment of the school area at the same time improving nutritional status of students by eating fruits obtained from trees planted at school area. The program has been designed to work with school kids in collaboration with ACRO team to plant shade and fruit trees.

Tree plating demonstration in schools

2. Environmental education

  • The purpose of the program is to explain the students why we are experiencing global warming and how to protect our earth from global warming.
  • Propagating trees at the organization tree nursery, volunteers will show the kids how to perform grafting and protect planted trees from being eaten by goats in schools areas.
  • Participating in tree planting with primary school kids.
Global warming session

3. Organic farming through greenhouse technology

  • The purpose of the project is to change the lives of women/widows who are vulnerable to poor economic situation.
  • Volunteers will have the following duties:
  • Participate in the construction of greenhouse structures for widows groups.
  • Teach women on how to grow vegetables in a greenhouse.
  • Volunteers will be involved in the process of integrating fish farming with organic farming.

4. Entrepreneurship/Vocational Training

The aim of this program is to provide entrepreneurship skills to the students which will enable them to start their own projects after completion of studies.Volunteers will participate in the training seminars organized by ACRO.

The training involves cultural art drawing, wine, liquid soap and batik making. Volunteers will use the knowledge gained to teach students after training

Soap making demonstration

We are planning in the future to establish a pilot vocational training center which will recruit orphans & street children, widows and early mothers to equip them with skills and knowledge on cultural/tourism art picture drawings, sewing, carpentry, arc welding, shoes making and batik.