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Africana Community Rehabilitation Organization

About Us

Africana Community Rehabilitation Organization was founded in 2007 mainly to protect our environment through active projects implemented at the community level to address environmental conservation challenges which exist. Since inception we had several projects such ecological awareness raising to the Kilombero fishers' community, tree planting program in schools and residential places and livelihood support program for marginalized women and youths. We managed to plant more than 200,000 trees in schools and residential areas in urban and villages. Trees that we planted in schools were mainly fruits and shade varieties which benefited children from eating and shade provision as well. Tree planting is an going program which we are still putting  more effort to ensure that all bare places in our schools areas are covered with trees. Through this program we conduct training sessions to the school children on global warming and this is carried out by our staff and local/international volunteers. Besides tree planting program we developed a livelihood program to support and empower widows, early mothers and youth to improve standard of their living while conserving the environment.This program works on organic agriculture using green house technology, fish farming as a business, food solar drying and plastic and electronic garbage recycling. We are planning to establish a center for entrepreneurship skills training for the marginalized groups within communities.


Our Mission

Our mission at ACRO is to promote sustainable community development by empowering local population with knowledge and skills to make ecologically sound choices. Therefore, ACRO will take all necessary measures toward environmental conservation and management challenges, encouraging community people to join the process for better present and future livelihood systems.

Our Management

ACRO has a General body which is the supreme authority and consists of 12 members. The body brings any amendment to the organizational structure. General body of the organization confirms the yearly organizational activities and accounts. General body meeting elects 5 members of Executive Committee serving for two years period. The Executive Committee is responsible and accountable to General Body for its work and organizational management. Furthermore, the body is accountable for effective smooth functioning of the organizational activities. The senior staff works under the direct supervision of the Executive Director. The project in charge and coordinators works under the supervision of Program Manager. Project Coordinators and in charge lead the projects in consultation of program manager and Executive Director. In Coordination meeting the Executive Director presides over the meeting and take all the important decisions in a participatory manner. The Coordinators/Project Director, Section Heads reports to the program manager of ACRO.


Share your experience to our kids

 We send volunteers to work with students in urban and villages on projects like tree planting, fish and vegetable farming. We also give opportunity to volunteers to initiate small innovative projects such as organic farming, fruit solar drying and fish farming to the needy community people to improve their lives.

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Tree planting in schools

This project aims at improving the environment of the school area at the same time improving nutritional status of students by eating fruits obtained from trees planted at school area. The program has been designed to work with school kids in collaboration with ACRO team to plant shade and fruit trees.


Teaching global warming

    The purpose of the program is

  1. to explain the students why we are experiencing global warming and how to protect our earth from global warming.
  2. Propagating trees at the organization tree nursery, volunteers will show the kids how to perform grafting and protect planted trees from being eaten by goats in schools areas.
  3. Participating in tree planting with primary school kids.

Soap making training session

The aim of this program is to provide entrepreneurship skills to the students which will enable them to start their own projects after completion of studies.Volunteers will participate in the training seminars organized by ACRO.

The training involves cultural art drawing, wine, liquid soap and batik making. Volunteers will use the knowledge gained to teach students after training